Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Steve Madden DUPES

Hey Beauties!
I hope each of you are having a great week thus far! I wanted to share a few things I discovered while browsing Kohl's website.  I'm sure many of you, much like myself are fans of Steve Madden.  Although, I love the brand I feel their too expensive!  I love catching things on sale. I'm a cheapie at heart hence, the title of my blog- CheapChicandCurvy. 

Did you guys know that a lot of the cheaper stores/brands often make replicas of higher-end products?! Isn't that great news?! Yep I thought so lol!

How many of you beauties have spent hours, upon hours of drooling over a pair of Steve Madden shoes?! Well maybe it's just me LOL! Well guess what??! We don't have to drool any longer, the Fashion Gods have answer our  my prayers lol!

Check out the great dupes of Steve Madden shoes by Candies's below:

Candie's Peep-Toe Platform High Heels

Candie's Chunky High Heels

Candie's Peep-Toe Platform Wedge Booties

Candie's Loafers

Photo Credit- Steve Madden, Kohl's,

All enlarged shoes are Candie's and the smaller shoes are Steve Madden.

1)  Candie's Peep-toe Platform- $41.99

Steve Madden Grettta-$129.95

2) Candie's Chunky High Heel-$29.99

Steve Madden Sarrina-$99.95
 3) Candie's Peep-toe Wedge Booties-$23.99

Steve Madden Wicked-L-$149.95

4) Candie's Loafers-$34.99

Steve Madden Madee-$119.95

Has this made you second guess paying a arm & a leg for a pair of shoes?

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Stay Cheap. Stay Chic. Stay Curvy

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fall Trend-Neon

Hey beauties!
How was your weekend?! As for me, I had a marvelous weekend! I attended a Bazaar, Haunted House, and of course church! As many of you may know, neon is on trend this Fall.  Honestly, I've had this shirt for years lol!  Btw I wore this to church #don'tjudgeme LOL I love wearing clothes that most, don't believe belong on a woman that wears a size 22.

Aren't these fabulous!? FYI I only paid $12 for them #clearance

Are you partaking in this trend this Fall? 

~Outfit Chicness~
From H to T: Blazer, Shirt & Boots -Target~Necklace Forever 21
Cuff-Charlotte Russe~Leggings-Macy's

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Stay Cheap.Stay Chic.Stay Curvy

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Purple Flow

Hey Beauties!

I'm sporting purple to bring awareness to Domestic Violence Month.  After reading Inez's post, I felt compelled to join this cause.  Prior to reading her post, I hadn't heard of Domestic Violence Month.  So thank you is definitely due to Ms. Inez for educating us readers on this subject matter.

Whether you've experienced domestic violence personally or know someone that has, it's our responsibility to spread awareness and educate those that aren't aware.  I'm encouraging all of you to wear purple this month.

I don't have a lot of purple in my wardrobe so I thought throwing in a pop of color
with shoes would do the trick!

I had an interview this morning, so I decided to do something different with my hair!
Overall, I think it came out nice. What do you guys think about the new do'?

~Outfit Chicness~
H to T: Sunnies-Charlotte Russe~Necklace & Earrings-Forever 21
Blazer-Lane Bryant~Top-Old Navy~Belt-Borrowed
Pants-Marshalls~Handbag-Thrifted~Shoes-BCBG (Macy's)

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Allow me to introduce....Ms. Lamesha Ingram

Hey Beauties!
Earlier this month I received an email from a young lady wanting my help with promoting her jewelry line.  Of course, I was so honored that she felt I could do such a task.  After checking out her line, I was sold! Lamesha, is such a sweet heart and you can feel the passion she has for her craft.  I was more than thrilled to interview Ms. Lamesha, here's the interview:

What made you create a jewelry line?
 I created a jewelry line simply because I love jewelry. I'm actually borderline obsessed with jewelry,lol. I used to rummage through my grandmothers and mothers jewelry (still do), with such fascination. My mom actually got me interested in art and making stuff and it just went from there. I would see pieces in stores and think, "I could make that." and I'd make something similar, do my own thing with it. I'd rock my own designs and people would ask me where I'd bought it from and when I said I made it myself they'd ask me to make them stuff. I became so passionate about making jewelry. I envisioned myself with a line, prayed about it and Me'Shell Nicole Jewelry was born.

What inspires you?
 I am inspired by life in general. Music inspires me. I love vintage stuff and the way women took the time to get dressed and present themselves back when my grandmothers were growing up, so when I look at old photos I get inspired by the jewelry they'd have on.

Do you have any connection to Breast Cancer since a lot of your line is focused towards awareness?
I have several connections to breast cancer. Both of my grandmothers had it. My maternal grandmother had it for years but failed to get it treated. It formed into metastatic breast cancer and she eventually passed from it in 2007. My paternal grandmother found out she had breast cancer when she was just 25 years old. Since it was detected early she was able to get the cancer removed. My great aunt also discovered she had it a few years ago and with early detection she was able to get treated as well. I've read several studies that are showing that breast cancer is increasing in african american women. Since this disease hits so close to home, I want to raise awareness about it. I want to help any way I can. Even with insurance my grandmothers medical bill was unbelievably high. I just want to help in the fight against breast cancer. I hope to be able to start a non-profit foundation soon.  

How can you potential customers contact you?

I may be contacted through my store's website and also via email I can also be reached via Twitter- @1MeShellNicole and Facebook- Me'Shell Nicole Jewelry 

Do you make custom jewelry?

Yes. I make custom or special orders. Everything from sorority bracelets to recreating/reinventing and repairing existing of jewelry. I can also provide bracelets for larger wrists sizes as well.  

Below I've listed a few of my favorite items from the
Image of Cross
Image of So Amazonite earringsImage of Chunky Turquoise and GoldImage of Pink and Black

Image of Pretty Little Thing necklace

Sunday, October 16, 2011

STRIPE me down

Hey Beauties!

I hope each and every one of you beauties had a great weekend! As for me, I had an AMAZING weekend!  My weekend was filled with fun, friends and plenty of laughter.  Yesterday I attended a Zydeco Festival with one my dear friends.  For those of you that aren't familiar with Zydeco let me explain. According to Wikipedia,  Zydeco is defined as a form of uniquely American roots or folk music.  It evolved in Southwest Louisiana in the early 19th Century from forms of Creole Music. Since i knew I would be dancing the night away, I wanted to wear something cute and comfortable.

I decided to wear a striped button down shirt paired with jeggings and red stretchy belt for a pop of color. Many of you are familiar with my love affair with stripes, so this outfit only came natural lol!

Of course, I had to have a "goofy" pic! I was doing the Heismen LOL! Oh yes, ya girl can get down with the best of them!

How do you like my Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon?

~Outfit Chicness~
From H to T: Sunnies-Charlotte Russe~Earrings-Beauty Supply~
Shirt-Borrowed from my mommy~Belt-Dots~Jeggings-Forever 21

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Red Stripes...

Hey Beauties!

I'm sure when you read that title you thought about Red Stripes the beer or maybe it's just me lol! It's FRIDAY whoo hoo! I must say this Friday came a lot faster than I expected, I'm not complaining though lol! Anywho, on to the outfit I must say I was feeling myself in this number! Toot toot, yep I'm tooting my own horn and what?! LOL

I just want to encourage all of you to wear what makes you feel good.  At the end of the day that's the only thing that matters. My theory is if you feel amazing in an outfit, you'll put out amazing energy. What do you think?

What item or outfit are you daring to wear? I triple dog dare you to sport it this weekend! Have a great weekend everyone, talk to you soon!

~Outfit Chicness~

H to T: Earrings-Beauty Supply~Blouse-Goodwill~Belt-Borrowed from my Daddy~
Skirt~Dots~Cuff-Macy's~Shoes~Forever 21

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

And the WINNER is....

Hey Beauties!
I would like to thank you all for participating in this giveaway!  Unfortunately, there could only be one winner, if my funds allowed I would bless each of you with something! All hope isn't lost, I plan on doing more giveaways in the future!  Again, I would like to thank each and every one of you beauties for participating! 

Congratulations to LaJoyce!!! Be on the lookout for an email for me this week hun!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sheer Leopard

Hey beauties!

I'm participating in my first Bloggers Do It Better Challenge! I'm so excited about this challenge, primarily due to my insane adoration for leopard! I mean is this challenge for me or what?! Lol Many of you know my relationship with Leopard and various prints, so participating in this challenge only made sense!

After deciding to sport leopard, I couldn't decide what to wear! Don't you hate when that happens?!  Luckily, my leopard print pencil skirt came in the mail yesterday!  Lol, I guess the Fashion Gods were on my side lol!

Did you any of you participate in the challenge?  If so, what print did you sport?

Outfit Chic

H to T: Sunnies-CR~Earrings-Forever 21~Top-Avenue~
Bracelet-Thrift~Skirt-Macy's~Pumps~Forever 21

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Monday, October 3, 2011

Who me?!

On Friday I received my FIRST feature!  Savonne of Stylish Curves featured me as the Stylish Curves of the Day.  I was so ecstatic when I say my face as a feature lol!  Thank you so much Savonne for featuring me.  You can check out the feature here

It's GIVEAWAY time!!!!!!!

Hey beauties!

In celebration of all of the love I've received I decided to share a small memento of my appreciation for all of my subscribers!  I want to thank each and every one of you that checked out my blog.  Upon creating CheapChicandCurvy, I was hesitant about how I would be perceived in "blogger world".  Every kind word shows me that I made the right decision with creating my blog.  Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart, I love each and every one of you!

Okay on to the GIVEAWAY! Satchel bags are definitely in, and I thought it would be a great giveaway for you guys.  This handbag, is made by Mossimo (Target) and still has the original tags and stuffing.  I think a bag as such would be a great addition to any outfit.

Rules for the giveaway

Just subscribe to my blog via Google Friend Connect 
Leave a comment down below with your name and email address

*If you don't comment under the SHOW ME LOVE section, you will not be 
considered for this giveaway*

Giveaway will end on 10/10/2011

Good Luck!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Coral Oxfords

Hey beauties!
I hope all of you lovely gals had a great weekend!  I must say I had a weekend lol!  I think I met my max for the amount of laughs an individual is allowed this weekend lol! Have you ever laughed so hard you got a headache?  Well me neither prior to this weekend! If laughter is good for the soul than oooh weee, my soul is in pretty good shape now lol!

On to the outfit, I sported this number to a church Bazaar.  I wanted to wear something cute yet comfortable.  I decided to wear my oversize button down shirt, paired with jeggings and oxfords.  I shared these items in my latest video here

Outfit Chicness
H to T: Sunglasses-Ralph Lauren~~Earrings-From Granny's Closet
Shirt-Goodwill~~Belt & Jeggings-Dots~Oxfords-Payless

P.S. Curvy girls CAN jump #POW

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